不含合香料,對羥基苯甲酸酯, 人造色素, 甲醛引髪劑或動物衍生成份.


Ingerdients 成份

純淨水, 有機蘆薈汁, 天然十六烷基和鯨蠟硬脂醇, 有機乳木果油, 枸杞和西番蓮的有機提取物, 小麥胚芽油, 甘油油酸酯, 玫瑰天竺葵純精油, 有機橘紅色油, 天然維生素E, 維生素源B5,  柑桔籽提取物, 橄欖葉提取物, 山梨酸鉀和檸檬酸.




  • 500ML

    Formulated to strengthen hair, a rich and penetrating conditioner with:
    Organic shea butter - rich in vitamin A and E, it intensely repairs and helps in retaining elasticity of the hair;
    Organic passion flower - added for its relaxing and balancing properties;
    Organic goji berry - delivers high antioxidant properties.

    The combination of these precious butters and extracts in this conditioner will instantly penetrate, gently moisturising and leaving your hair and scalp smooth and replenished.


    Purified water, organic aloe vera juice, natural cetyl and cetearyl alcohol, organic shea butter, organic extracts of goji berry and passion flower, locust bean gum, organic jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, glyceryloleate, rose geranium pure essential oil, organic mandarin red oil, natural vitamin E (tocopherol), pro-vitamin B5 (D-panthenol), citrus seed extract, olive leaf extract, potassium sorbate and citric acid.